About Octans Legal

Our Mission

It is our Firm’s mission to provide client-focused solutions and services and to anticipate the needs of those existing and potential business and individual clients we serve in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Our clients operate in a wide cross section of industries and have included businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to Fortune 100 mass retailers.

We emphasize professional and effective communication and personalized customer service and solutions by actively listening to our clients’ concerns and learning their business and management styles inside and out. This close collaboration with our clients and intimate understanding of their industries allows us to develop uniquely-tailored solutions that allow our clients’ businesses to flourish and overcome hindrances to growth.

We seek to offer our legal services to our clients through flexible, value-drive approaches by leveraging technologies and solutions that keep our overhead low and allow us to offer unique pricing and fee structures that work for all business sizes and individuals. 

Why the “name” Octans?

Why the “name” Octans? The constellation of Octans is located deep in the southern sky. In Latin, the name represents the last of the eight parts of a circle and comes from the octant, the celestial navigation instrument devised by French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille to guide those earliest explorers from the Old World to the New.

We at Octans Legal have extraordinary clients who are reaching for those furthest stars. Like the octant, we help them navigate them waters (and the skies) to successfully reach their goals.

We are that
last piece of the circle

The key to protecting and growing the other seven key components of success:

1. Mission & Vision
2. Research & Development
3. Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
4. Management & Leadership
5. Employees & Personnel Development
6. Operations
7. Finances
8. Protection (where we come in!)

Like the circle, we also have founded our firm on eight key strategies:

1. Unique, client-focused solutions
2. Value-driven approaches to client issues
3. Modern, flexible pricing strategies at competitive rates
4. Professional but relatable communication
5. Leveraging of technology and solutions to keep overhead low
6. Global, team-driven focus
7. Fortune 100 quality-work for start-ups and small businesses
8. Energy and a true desire to see clients succeed in their dreams

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