Flat Fee Arrangements 

Are perfect for projects with a defined scope and limited duration such as drafting and review of business agreements. Our clients love flat fee arrangements because they make budgeting predictable.

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We offer an initial 30-minute consultation to all new clients. This is the opportunity to discuss your legal needs, test the waters, and make a roadmap for your legal needs.

If you hire us within thirty days after the call, the $100 consultation fee is waived from your first invoice.

LAUNCH: Start-Up Operations & Establishment

Our LAUNCH Package is perfect for businesses that are just leaving the ground.

Price: $3,500


  • 2 Hour Consultation
  • 1 Operating Agreement / Shareholder Agreement / ByLaws / Partnership Agreement
  • Corporate Resolution Form
  • General Website Terms and Conditions
  • DMCA Policy & Registration Instructions
  • Privacy Statement
  • Mutual NDA

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ATMOSPHERE: Start-Up Sales

Our ATMOSPHERE Package is perfect for start-ups preparing to sell their first goods or services.

Price: $2,500


  • 2 Hours Consultation
  • 1 Terms of Service / SaaS Agreement OR
  • 1 Master Service Agreement / Service Level Agreement OR
  • 1 Terms of Sale & Refund Policy
  • Review of marketing materials for compliance & recommendations
  • Product liability review & recommendations

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ORBIT: Growth & Hiring

Our ORBIT Package is perfect for businesses who are hiring contractors and employees.

Price: $1,500


  • 2 Hour Consultation
  • 1 Employee / Independent Contractor Agreement
  • NDA
  • Assignment of Rights Agreement
  • Review of Employee Handbook & Recommendations

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What is included in all packages?

  • Clear, upfront pricing.
  • Access to our secure client portal.
  • Unlimited reasonable revisions for all documents if requested within 15 days (does not include updates.)
  • A 5-business day turn-around guarantee from the date you provide all necessary information for us to get started. Should you require anything sooner, we will be happy to help you, subject to availability and a $250 / day rush fee (up to $2,000.)
  • Our compliance reviews include written recommendations. If you would like to hire us to make revisions based on the recommendations, please contact us for more information.
  •  A 10% reduction on the purchase of any other packages and a 5% reduction on the purchase of any subscription.
  • Access to our quarterly legal topic articles and ebooks.
  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter on legal trends and firm news.
  • Email, phone, and chat support. 24-hour response time guaranteed.