You offer several different pricing models. How do I determine which arrangement is right for me?

Contact us by email or phone for a free consultation. During it, we’ll work to develop a menu of pricing options based on your unique legal needs and help you understand the advantages of each option. In general, flat fee options are best for one-off services while subscriptions and hourly arrangements are useful for clients who want to have predictable rates for ongoing legal work.

Can I mix and match pricing options?

Absolutely! For most cases, different pricing arrangements can be combined to maximize value.  For example, you may pay for a project under a Flat Fee Service model and use Hourly Billing for ongoing work.

What is a Subscription Plan, and is it right for my needs?

Subscription Plans are perfect for clients who regularly need legal advice (such as ongoing staffing or contract negotiations) or who want the peace of mind to know there is always legal counsel available without worry about the cost of reaching out to an attorney.

Is there a minimum subscription term for the Subscription Plans?

Yes.  The minimum subscription term is three (3) months.  If a plan is canceled before the end of the minimum 3-month term expires, all the work done under the plan will be billed at our standard hourly rates, less Subscription Plan fees already paid.

Does a Subscription Plan really save me money?

In most cases, it does. And in a month where it doesn’t, you have peace of mind in knowing what your legal costs will be. Each Subscription Plan includes a monthly allotment of hours.  If the same number of hours in a plan were billed at our standard hourly rates (or even our discounted hourly rates for small businesses), the cost would be much higher than the monthly price of the selected Subscription Plan. In the long-run, our clients find this savings to be significant, especially in months where their legal needs may be greater.  

In comparison to Flat Fee service arrangements, if the service can be completed within the monthly allotment of hours in the Subscription Plan, the monthly fee for the Subscription Plan is generally less than the Flat Fee.  If the time required to complete the service exceeds the monthly allotment of hours in the plan, subscribers still save as the excess hours are billed on an hourly basis at the discount applicable to the plan. 

How are Subscription Plans different from prepaid legal plans other providers offer?

Most prepaid legal plans limit the number of hours that can be spent or pages of documents  that can be reviewed each month. These types of plans are not very useful to clients as the limits are too low, and, so, clients find themselves paying expensive excess hour rates just to have projects completed.

We believe in offering our clients true value and so have set the limits on our Subscription Plans at realistic levels for each plan. We have been doing this for a long time and so know approximately how many hours per month and the types of services start-ups, small, and mid-sized businesses each need. .

Are there limits on the legal services provided under a Subscription Plan?

Yes.  Some types of services are not appropriate for the general counsel nature of subscription plans, such as participation in dispute resolution processes. See the Subscription Plans Terms and Conditions for additional exclusions.

Do you offer traditional Hourly Rate services? If so, when are those appropriate?

Where a project has an uncertain scope or duration, an Hourly Rate is most appropriate. For example, negotiations and case preparation are billed hourly in most circumstances. Rest assured though, even when we charge on an hourly basis, we look for opportunities to contain costs and offer discounts to subscribers of our Subscription Plans. 

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